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Now that Cloud has been announced to appear in Super Smash Bros. We will be accepting fan art of Cloud appearing in Smash with notable characters that also appear in Smash. We will be accepting them in the Events and Contests folder as it is considered a major event for a Final Fantasy character to finally appear on Smash Bros. If you would like to submit any fan art of Cloud in Smash, go right ahead!
As you probably already know, Cloud Strife, star of Final Fantasy VII, will be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. This will be Cloud's first appearance on a Nintendo system, as Square moved away from making games for that platform after Final Fantasy VI. But why now are we getting this?

Square didn't completely stop making games for Nintendo systems. The Game Boy Advance and DS/3DS systems all have retro and spin-off Final Fantasy games. On the Game Cube, DS and Wii, there was Crystal Chronicles. However, mainline games haven't made it Nintendo's way.

Critics say it's due to the lack of firepower in Nintendo's systems. Every system after the N64 has been technologically inferior to their competitors. Not until the last two generations has Nintendo used full sized discs for their home consoles, the Wii U being the only one in HD. However, with talk of the next generation Nintendo console, tentatively named NX, being more on par with the competition. Capcom is already considering jumping back into the Nintendo ring, and they've allowed Mega Man and Street Fighter's Ryu to appear in Smash, so why not Square Enix?

Here are some possible things Square can do with Nintendo:

Final Fantasy VII Remake and/or Final Fantasy XV on the NX

While the Wii U may not have the power to run large scale HD games like the Final Fantasy VII Remake or the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, the supposedly super NX likely will. This could mean a future release of these games on the next Nintendo console. This could also mean future mainline Final Fantasy games could once again have a home with Nintendo.

Final Fantasy Mario Maker Crossover

Earlier this week, Nintendo updated Mario Maker to include a new "Event Course" mode. In this mode, you could win new Mystery Mushroom costumes, ranging from a Link totem to the Famitsu mascot Nekki. We already have Mega Man and Pac-Man from 3rd party companies as well, so why not a series of NES Final Fantasy costumes? We'd love to see a little Black Mage bouncing on a Wiggler. Or maybe an Astos dropping the Axe on Bowser!

A real sequel to Super Mario RPG

Come on! We know the Paper Mario series is at best a spin-off. While entertaining, it doesn't reach the greatness of the original SNES game. We need Square's know-how of RPGs and Nintendo's know-how of... Mario... to create the next great RPG. Anyway, we're wondering what Geno and Mallow have been up to lately!

Square doing what they do best, Re-releasing old stuff!

Yep, Square has been conspicuously absent from the Wii U's shop, despite of the large library of games they've made for Nintendo systems. We could see a return of many of our favorite Final Fantasy games as well as some that never made it, like Final Fantasy VII-IX. Not sure if the Wii U could handle Final Fantasy X in HD, but if it can, Square needs to give it to us now! It would also be cool to see Chrono Cross and the Parasite Eve games on the Nintendo.

And now for something completely different

Why not make a new series for Nintendo? While Square seems to be getting away from making games exclusive, they could reach a deal with Nintendo to introduce a new series on their systems, if only temporarily (think Final Fantasy VII remake on the Playstation 4). If Square has any creativity left (some would wonder), Nintendo may be getting in the front door to get the exclusive.

What else would you like to see Square Enix do with Nintendo? Are you excited to see Cloud in Smash? In case you missed it, here's the promotional trailer for Cloud's Smash debut.

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Cloudy-0w0 created this wonderful comic to celebrate the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake at Sony's E3 Event, and was nice to leave this comic open to captioning. If you are up to it, please take the time to fill in the bubbles!

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