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1. Please post FF related material or it's related series. We don't need other fandoms in here. If it's a mix of the two that's okay but please try to keep with the FF theme.

2. No inappropriate art. We want to post this on our frontsite of our website in celebration of FF artists/cosplayers, we don't want anything dirty there!

3. Please post art in the correct folders. We'd like to keep everything in order at least! Please check the descriptions in each folder to see where your art belongs. Cosplay pictures now belong in the Final Fantasy Cosplay folder.

4. We'll allow sketches if they are decent. No quick doodles allowed. If you can't take the time to actually draw something then we can't take the time to feature you. Please completed sketches/artwork.

5. Photoshopped edits are not allowed. We only accept work that you have done yourself.

6. We also do not accept materials that may have been taken from another artist without permission. If we find out that your submitted work was not done by you, we will remove it immediately. We also request our members to report any stolen work if they find any in our folders.

7. ???

8. Have fun!
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Submitted on
September 8, 2012